Dreg (Puzzle Bobble Tournament)

Dreg, AKA Drunk, AKA Drank, AKA Dunk, AKA Borracho, AKA Grumple Grommit, AKA Willie Whistle, AKA Big Drunk Meron, AKA The Magical Master of Mischief, is an evil little wizard from Bubble World. He is most notable for being the one who placed the curse on Bub and Bob which turned them into bubble dragons. He appears in most of the Puzzle Bobble series, and generally reveals himself to be the main enemy after the defeat of his disguise. Dreg is the main antagonist in the Puzzle Bobble and Bubble Bobble series.


Although his past is shrouded in mystery, Dreg always seemed to be up to no good. Dreg kidnapped Bub and Bob's girlfriends many years ago and turned the two brothers into bubble dragons. This was his first attack on Bubble World, and nobody ever truely found out why he did it. It is assumed that perhaps jealousy was his motivation, but this was never confirmed. Ever since that day, Dreg has been causing trouble for both Bub and Bob throughout the last 20-25 years.



  • Although the arch enemy of Bub and Bob, Dreg actually worked together with them to help them bring down the Super Dark Great Dragon in 2000 in the game Pop 'n Pop.
  • Dreg is able to breath fire after drinking from his bottled potion.
  • Dreg can shoot fire from his Star Rod.